How to build a correct I.A.R.-80 using Hobby Boss 1:48 kit, Kit Review and Step by step guide

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Made By

Aurelian Gogonea 2020

Epidemic Sound

ES_A Place for Us - Howard Harper-Barnes
ES_Interstate 895 - Bonnie Grace

Paint and weathering

Mr. Hobby H73 Dark Green
Mr. Hobby H72 Dark Earth
Mr. Hobby H417 RLM 76 Light Blue
Mr. Hooby H30 Gloss Clear Varnish
Ammo A.MIG 8201 Alluminium
AMMO Oilbrusher A.MIG 3513 Starship Filth
AMMO A.MIG 3522 Medium Soil
AMMO A.MIG 2018 Odorless Thinner
Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear Varnish
Black Oil
White Oil

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