Douglas DC-3 trumpeter 1/48 Alaska Airlines - Aircraft Model

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2x White 5mm LED
2x White micro SMD LED (0402 or 0603) Pre-soldered - eBay
3x White SMD LED 1W 100-110LM - eBay
1x Red 1,8mm LED
1x White 1,8mm LED Flashing OSW5YS7332A
2 meters of UTP cable
Different resistors. It depends what voltage you will use. Recommend is to use from 3V to 12V.
AMS1117 Step-Down Power Supply Module for Arduino DC 4.75-12V to 3.3V eBay
Rectifier diode 1N4007 for engines - It will prevent back voltage
4mm*8mm DC 3.7V Micro Motor - eBay
50pcs/set 0.25mm-0.45mm Tungsten Steel HSS Carbide Micro PCB Drill Bits - eBay

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