Tamiya 1/48th Brewster B-339 Buffalo "Pacific Theater" - FULL BUILD

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Hello again everyone, today I will be building Tamiya's 1/48th scale B-339 Brewster Buffalo in service to the RAF in the early 1940's Pacific Theater.

Though an older of Tamiya's aircraft kits, the fit is sublime and the details are perfectly adequate for the average modelers purposes, although the addition of photoetch, resin, or good old-fashioned hand detailing would be necessary for those of you who demand a bit more out of your models.

As with everything from this run of builds, I selected one major thing to try and work on in this project, and for this one it was free-handing camouflage. I have a decent history with some elements of this- see my 1/72nd scale Bf-109E, FW-190, and FW-200 for examples- I haven't really worked much with free-handing more than these random mottling. So this became a vehicle to experiment with that, and I am quite satisfied with the result. Free-handing camouflage isn't the easiest thing for a beginner to attempt, but if you are learning how to airbrush it is an eventual essential step, and you will be amazed how much more life you can get into your model with these organic feathered edges.

I liked the bones of this kit enough that I think I will be getting another one- the Buffalo has always been one of my favorite fighter planes from WWII, it just has such unique pugilistic aesthetics. I don't love how it looks in the RAF scheme, however; my next one is almost certainly going to be Finnish, with those striking schemes and flashes of bright blue.

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